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An Update on My Life On My Birthday

Dear New Best Friends,

Hello! Welcome to the first real new post of my new website,! A real-life author name has been a long time coming, as the name "Kasey Anderson" has always been far too generic.

My new author name combines my first and middle names (Kasey+Lin). My last name is a combination of Sundeaus (my long-term boyfriend's last name) + Anderson. We decided to compromise on a last name, as I really didn't want to be Kasey Anderson Sundeaus. It just doesn't have a nice ring to it and it's not easy to spell or pronounce. I'm pretty sure someone just made up the last name--there really aren't many people with it!

(Here's a picture of the two of us, by the way!)

The name Kaylin Sanderson also has the benefit of getting me mistaken for a relative of Brandon Sanderson (sneaky, I know!)

So, to update old and new friends on my current status, I am currently signed up for 100 Day Book through The Write Practice. I've taken this program three times before and it's been invaluable every single time. It costs a fair amount, but in my mind, it's definitely worth it.

The goal of 100 Day Book is to write an entire book draft in 100 Days. To do this, The Write Practice provides mentoring, deadlines, and lessons online. Without it, I would have never finished the first two drafts of my book!

Anyway, I have a meeting on Wednesday with Joe Bunting, founder of The Write Practice. I am scared and excited all at the same time! I plan to pitch to him my idea of using his connections and students to create several cohorts of writers. I would like to create three new cohorts of about 24 people each in addition to my networking group, Active Alumni Writers. I really believe we could build an empire of writers!! My stretch goal of 5-20 years is to create a publishing company by writers for writers, crowdfund to pay for professional covers and editing, and then take the publishing world by storm. I will encourage select writers to create their own cohorts under my direction, using copies of my server on discord to do so. I believe with all the expertise and drive we all have that we will truly be able to create something great and wonderful!

I am currently working on the third draft of my novel, Deathwatch 2020: A Modern Frankenstein. Things are really coming together with my book plan! The book is a love story between three friends. The main character is a fifteen-year-old polymath living in a utopian dystopia who must battle biowarfare terrorists to save his friends. I will be posting a more detailed summary and sneak peek later on! Here is the current cover for my book! It needs a little fixing, but it's a great start. =)

Anyway, I think that's enough of an update for now. I will see you all in the next blast from the past!

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Good luck with this new adventure. I am also participating in the newest 100 days. Good luck in all these endeavors. I like your ideas for publishing as well. Have a great birthday

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